23 Amigurumi Designs That Make a Difference: January 2021

Hello, amigurumi fans. This time, we will try to introduce you to the products of a few amigurumi artists who make a difference with their designs. When you examine the photos, you will agree with these assertive words. The snail carrying his house, the timid mouse, the blond-haired elegant lady, the winged ancient man, the chubby raccoon, a pair of yellow eggs, the tiny doll in the leaf, the brown horse, the baby giraffe, the ant family, the elf brothers, lol dolls in a white dress, chubby rabbits, Here you will find the giraffe and rabbit couple, the young girl with the yellow hat, the high school girl in the blue dress and many more amigurumi designs. The amigurumi photos on this page have been prepared to inspire you. To get information about the product, you must use the social media addresses on the pictures.

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    May 2, 2019 at 11:18 am

    I am looking for dolls pattern. Where can I find yours?

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